Lead-Free/RoHS Compliance

Altron has meet its goal of providing lead-free/RoHS compliant products to our customers. Altron realizes that not only are our customers who are selling product in Europe requiring lead-free/RoHS compliance, but due to similar legislation emerging in the US and around the world many of our customers are seriously leaning towards lead-free products as part […]

Friends of the Earth Award 2007

Altron receives 2007 “Friends of the Earth” award from “The Global News”. Award is given to environmentally friendly companies that actively support the preservation and protection of our planet

Altron Inc. Granted Certificate of Environmental Achievement.

Contract Manufacturer is awarded certificate based on it efforts and achievements in recycling and proper disposal of materials used in electronic manufacturing. Altron announced today that it has been granted a Certificate of Environmental Achievement by R. Mitchel, a world leader in IC tray recycling. This certificate is awarded to companies that take proper measures […]

Altron Inc. Upgrades Environmental Lighting Throughout Facility

Altron Inc. has recently updated the lighting system throughout its facility. We have replaced our gas and fluorescent lighting systems with a more energy efficient lighting system, which has reduced cost and has created a brighter working environment.