Equipment List

Surface Mount Equipment

6 Panasonic MBSF automatic board loaders
6 MPM Momentum automatic screen printers
4 Panasonic (XL) HDPV adhesive dispensing systems
1 Panasonic (XL) HDPG adhesive dispensing system
1 Panasonic (XL) HDF adhesive dispensing system
2 Panasonic MSR (XL) 75 x 75 high speed chip shooters
3 Panasonic MVIIF (XL) 75 x 75 high speed chip shooters
2 Panasonic CM602 High Speed Chip Shooters 18”x29.5”
4 Panasonic MPAV (XL) flexible placement systems
2 Panasonic MPAV2B (XL) flexible placement systems
6 Conceptronics HVN Series 24″ wide convection reflow oven
1 Electrovert Aquastorm 200 24″ semi-aqueous cleaning system
1 Phoenix Inspector real time 2D X-ray system
1 Cyberoptics Model LSM 3D inspection system


Printed Circuit Board

2 40′ Simplimatic conveyorized assembly systems
2 GPD C.F.8 axial lead component formers and trimmers
1 GPD C.F.9 radial lead component former and trimmer
1 UMG Technology VCD-H high speed axial inserter
1 Dynapert UCSM-G axial taping sequencer
2 Specnor Tecnic Ultima wave solder machines Lead/Lead-Free
1 Pneumatic AMP press SM-3
1 ACE KISS 104 automated selective solder machine
1 Electrovert Aquastorm 200 20″ semi-aqueous cleaning system
1 Electrovert Aquapak H400 20″ aqueous cleaning system
2 Q Corp. lead trimming machines
1 Pace 2700TF BGA rework station
2 Air-vac rework station Lead/Lead-Free
2 PVA SMT 2000 programmable dual head epoxy dispensing systems
1 PVA 2000 Automated conformal coating system with UV oven
1 PVA 650 Automated conformal coating system with UV oven
2 Despatch ovens
50 Nikon Microscopes
1 Cencorp TR1000 router/depaneler
2 8 ton Pneumatic Hydraulic Presses
2 Riveter Machines
1 CAB Maestro 4M depaneler
1 Stegtrenner Hekter depaneler
2 Dymax 200 and 400 Watt UV curing systems


Quality Control Equipment
6 Mirtec 3D Automated Optical Inspection AOI Systems 24” x 40”
1 CleanPro CPCC-6D dry dehumidified 6 door cabinet
1 Vacuum Sealer PVT20B
1 Sciencescope with Monitor
1 Super Scope 2000
1 Omegameter 600 SMD ionic contamination tester
2 Chatillon force measurement/pull testers
1 Mitutoyo Digimatic height gage w/granite surface plate
1 Mountz Torquelab Analyzer
1 HIOS HP-10 Digital Torque Meter
1 Wayne Kerr meters 4235 and 4237
3 Hako Rework stations FM204 & FR-803


Manufacturing/Purchasing Computer System
Altron uses an integrated ERP/CRM system built to meet the unique
and complex challenges of contract manufacturing, to plan and coordinate our production process for supply chain management and to interact with customers.


Cable and Harness Processing Equipment
2 Eubanks Model 2700 cutters and strippers
2 Eubanks automatic wire and tubing cutters
1 Cable Eye Model M3 resistance and continuity tester
2 Panduit automatic tie wrap machine
Molex and Amp Terminating Machines and an assortment of equipment for processing different types of cables, such as ribbon, coaxial
and flat cables.


Test Equipment
2 Keysight 3073 Series II In-Circuit testers w/Testjet &
advanced boundary scan
1 Scorpion flying probe tester FLS810D
1 Walk-in Elevated temperature chamber
1 Tenney Model T64C-6 temperature chamber fast ramp
1 Tenney Model T30C temperature chambers
1 Espec Model ESZ-4CA temperature chamber fast ramp
3 Sun Systems EC13HA ESS chamber
1 Tektronix Digital Storage Scope Model 2230
1 Tektronix Digital Storage Scope Model 2221A
1 Hewlett-Packard 54610 B 500 MHZ Digital Storage Scope
1 Hewlett-Packard 1650A Logic Analyzer
1 BP-2510 concurrent programming system
1 Fluke Ti50FT Flex Cam Thermal Imager and function generators
Altron has an assortment of HP and Tektronix oscilloscopes with a wide range of programmable power supplies, frequency counters and function generators.