Medical Contract Manufacturing

Altron provides contract manufacturing services to both small and large medical companies across the US.  We are ISO 13485 certified and provide electronic assembly, mechanical assembly and box build for medical devices.

Altron will support your company from development through production, following the required procedures, with accurate record keeping supporting your product introduction.

Some of the reasons that medical device companies use our contract manufacturing services:

  • Our documentation and record retention system are integrated into our ERP/CRM system
  • Our extended record retention system and real-time data acquisition
  • We employ statistical process control
  • Temperature and humidity controlled facility
  • ESD control
  • Extensive operator training specific for the medical device industry
  • Comprehensive testing and diagnostic capability
  • Highly automated and controlled operations
  • Moisture sensitive device controls and traceability

Altron provides prototyping, production, and works with its medical customers to certify products and validate processes.   We can provide a full turnkey solution as well as critical electro-mechanical components.