Automated Surface Mount Assembly

Altron has eight fully automated surface mount lines that can handle production capacities equal to companies over four times its size. Our continuous flow process ensures customers are getting the most cost effective manufacturing services available for rigid, rigid flex and flex PCBs. Our surface mount lines incorporate advanced in-line automated optical inspection systems to maintain a high degree of quality.

MPM screen printer

MPM Momentum Automatic Screen Printer

  • Automatic vision alignment
  • 2D vision inspection capability
  • Automatic stencil wiper with vacuum


Panasonic High Speed Chip Shooter CM602

  • 01005’s
  • 100,000 parts per hour
  • 8mm to 44mm Tape
  • 20 Mil fine pitch
panasonic msr chip shooter

Panasonic MSR High Speed Chip Shooter

  • 01005’s
  • 45,000 parts per hour
  • 8mm to 44mm  tape
  • Holds 300 different parts on 8mm tape and reel
  • 20 mil fine pitch

panasonic mpv 2b

Panasonic MPAV2B Flex Placement Machine

  • Up to 6” connectors
  • 54 mm QFP’s
  • 12 mil pitch parts
  • Advanced vision system
  • 3D vision inspection on BGAs

Conceptronics HVN70 Convection Oven

  • Air/nitrogen atmosphere
  • 24” wide belt conveyor
  • Profiling report generation
washer semi aqua

Electrovert Aquastorm 200T Semi-Aqueos Cleaning System

  • 24″ wide capacity