Test Capabilities

At Altron, we provide our customers with cost-effective test strategies to ensure defect-free products reach the end user. We provide board level as well as complete unit testing. We have a variety of test equipment and platforms to provide our customers with test services, which include in-circuit, functional and temperature controlled chambers.


Environmental Test

Tenny Model T64c-6 with LN2 & humidity capabilities

tester funcitonal

Functional Test

Custom setup for each customers product

2 Agilent 3070's

3 Agilent 3070’s

Active and passive in-circuit testing



Inspects parts down to 01005 size

3 Environmental Chambers EC13HA LN cooled -184C to +315C

6 Environmental Testing Chambers

EC13HA LN2 cooled -184°C to +315°C

Test options not shown:

  • Global Positioning System (GPS)
  • Walk-in oven
  • Tenny Model T30C oven
  • Espec ESZ-4CA oven with LN2 capabilities
  • Fluke Ti50FT FlexCam Thermal Imager with IR-Fusion Technology
  • Wide variety of test equipment
  • Scorpion Flying Probe

Guidelines for Design For Testability (PDF)